NFTs that Rock

A music-inspired DAO collective with
a mission for the arts.

We are building the first charity for musicians using the decentralized organization model #DAO.

Our goal is to provide the means for current and future artists to learn and have access to the musical arts.

How it will work

We will kick off the charity with an #NFT drop that will fund the DAO treasury — which will be controlled by the community contract. Owners of the NFT will be able to vote and control how the funds are dispersed to specific causes.

Types of causes


The primary focus will be to contribute to musical arts programs for children and young adults. We envision supporting school programs with instruments and empowering individuals to gain access to events and learn from established artists.

The community will ultimately identify & choose the causes that will be best served by the contributions.


How you can help

Join our discord and tell us what music means to you!

Share your experiences, concerts, and the events you’ve seen! What would your life be without music?

Join our discord

Learn more about our project and follow the announcements here and in Discord and engage with our community to help steer the organization. Our role is to lay a foundation that puts you in the drivers seat.

Why Guitars?

Why not guitars!? We believe all instruments are important, but there’s something timeless & expressive about choosing a guitar to pick up.

Purple Curves Guitar
Blue White Guitar
Black Red Guitar
Pink White Guitar
Death Metal Guitar
Aqua Sharp Guitar
Blue Axe Guitar
Yellow Jacket Guitar
Miami Vice Guitar
Mainly White Guitar
Aqua Wings Guitar
Pink Wing Guitar
Pink Wings Guitar
Red Swirl Guitar
Green Bullseye Guitar
Pink Rounded Guitar
Black Out Guitar
Spatter Green Guitar

We know you willl love yours as much as we do ours. Connect your wallet to get a sneak peak at the available NFTs. You can use the previews to share with your friends. We encourage you to have fun with them!

Road Map

  • Early Access

    Minting for giveaway winners

  • NFT Drop

    Minting of 10,000 NFTs

  • Organize DAO Community

    for NFT Owners

  • T-Shirt & Clothing Designs

    for NFT Owners

  • Open Registration

    for charity support requests

  • Community Voting

    via the DAO community